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K & FP Limited.
Flat/RM 13-15 19/F, Nan Fung Centre, 264-298 Castle Road, Tsuen Wan, HongKong
Address: China operation center: Room 1305, Hangzhou Yin, No. 2030, Jianghui Road
Binjiang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 310052
Post code:310052
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In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests, please fill in the product warranty registration form carefully. The warranty registration form submitted by you will be kept by the customer service department of ShineMate. This information is for warranty service, marketing, and technical support purposes only. We will not use your registration information for other purposes. When it is necessary to solve equipment problems, deliver new product information or provide technical support, ShineMate may contact you directly or through authorized dealers. Meanwhile, you will have the chance to get our marketing promotional gifts, extended warranty, and other rewards.

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Rotary Polisher EP801 G2
Rotary Polisher EP801 G2
Rotary Polisher EP802
Rotary Polisher EP803
Rotary Polisher EP804
Rotary Polisher EP809
Rotary Polisher EP812 G1+
Rotary Polisher EP820
Orbital Polisher EX610-6/21
Orbital Polisher EX610-6/15
Orbital Polisher EX610-5/15
Orbital Polisher EX605
Orbital Polisher EX603
Orbital Polisher ERO600 G1+
Orbital Polisher EX620-6/21
Orbital Polisher EX620-6/15
Orbital Polisher EX620-5/15
Cordless RO Polisher EB251-5
Cordless RO Polisher EB251-6
Cordless DA Polisher EB351-6/21
Cordless DA Polisher EB351-6/15
Cordless DA Polisher EB351-5/15
Cordless DA Polisher EB351-5/12
Cordless DA Polisher EB351-3/12
Cordless Polisher EB210
Cordless Sander EB200
Cordless Sander EB201
Charger BC182
Charger BC181
Charge BC122
Charger BC121
Battery Pack B1850A
Battery Pack B1825A
Electric Sander ES516-6/3
Electric Sander ES516-6/5
Electric Sander ES502
Electric Sander ES550
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